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M. C. Escher in Winona, Minnesota

I like Bing maps because they provide a Bird’s eye aerial view which provides a little more perspective than Google’s top-down aerial view.  I recently saw an impossible aerial view on Bing, more akin to an M.C. Escher painting than a real photo.  Buildings next to each other at impossible angles.stmarys_bing_4.PNG

Having never been there, at first I thought it was perhaps unusual slanted architecture. Closer inspection showed that it was the incorrect auto-stitching of two photos from different vantage points (clear from the unfinished building edge in the upper center.)  The entire campus (Bing maps link) seems unfazed by this physical warping of space.stmarys_bing_1.PNG

I’m still not sure of the building below.  Having not been there, I’m not sure if all the sides are vertical, or one or more are architecturally slanted.  I will have to visit some day to see for myself.stmarys_bing_5.PNG

M. C. Escher’s painting Relativity, below.p02vhq1v


Modern Shopping Excursion

Leanne and friend Leslie shopping

Leanne and friend Leslie shopping the modern way!

It used to be that the ladies’ shopping trip meant a day in the car shuttling between stores. Technology has caught up with even my good wife and her shopping friend? Why drive to all the stores when you can see so much more on line. They have just purchased a large set of small boxes for crafts, and are now looking at vintage papers — a project inspired by crafts they saw in home decor shops this afternoon.

Of course when we guys get preoccupied with the computers, we hassled about it.