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My theory of why children have so much energy

DSCF4695 copyYou’ve seen children at the playground jumping and chasing. Just watching them seems to make you tired. You’ve experienced being around children running in circles and waving arms and hands and being silly.  Just being around them wears you out.  How is it children can have so much energy in such tiny little bodies?

My theory is children actually drain the energy of the nearest adults.   You are actually a large energy store for them.  They are using your energy!

Don’t believe me?  Just think about it…

  • They have more energy than could be contained in such a little body.
  • The closer you are to them when they are active, the more tired and drained you feel.
  • The crazier and wilder they are, the more tired and drained you feel.
  • More children acting wildly will make you feel tired faster.
  • But, when they go to sleep, you can feel your energy return.
  • When they even settle down, your energy begins to come back.

I think that pretty well proves it.


Appreciation for faithful mothers alone at church with children

A young child takes the sacrament
I observed today a young mother at church. She was a managing solo an infant and two other small children. (I don’t know if the father was sick, working, on the stand, or otherwise absent). She juggled the three children and their needs masterfully. At one point the infant was fussy, and she stood to quiet the child, quietly moving behind the bench and monitoring the other two children, guiding them as they took the sacrament. I was impressed and humbled.

Many of us are lucky enough just to be responsible for our own attendance and worship at church. We have only to get ourselves up, ready, and there on time. We get to decide our own purposes for worship and our own behaviors to do so. We decide if we will listen during the meetings.

No such luxuries for a young mother bringing alone several small children. She must plan her time and prepare herself and several other small bodies – who, by the way, also have their own thoughts and attitudes about the matter. Wake, feed, dress, console, herd, load, placate, unload, manage, corral, coax, hug, nuture, and lead. Her experience at the meeting is at best fragmented from the constant needs and interruptions.

What fortitude and perseverance. It would be too easy to make excuses and stay home, rationalizing by saying, “It’s too much trouble”, “I don’t get much from it”, “Why bother”, or “I can’t deal with it.”

Yet, what infinite value to the children that loving mother provides when she sacrifices to bring them to church. They learn from an early age how to prepare, attend and worship. They receive personal coaching from a caring mother. I believe children see and understand a mother’s faith through such actions, even though they may not be able to verbalize it. I believe they somehow understand such devotion, even when they don’t know what it is or how it is blessing them.

How grateful I am for my good wife who corralled, brought our five children to church and sat with them alone during nine years of the years I served in leadership. How grateful I am for my mother who sat with us during the many years dad served in leadership. (I was certainly a most vexing child who teased and poked my younger siblings to tears on many occasions.) These two women and all those who sit alone with children at church have my deepest respect.