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My theory of why children have so much energy

DSCF4695 copyYou’ve seen children at the playground jumping and chasing. Just watching them seems to make you tired. You’ve experienced being around children running in circles and waving arms and hands and being silly.  Just being around them wears you out.  How is it children can have so much energy in such tiny little bodies?

My theory is children actually drain the energy of the nearest adults.   You are actually a large energy store for them.  They are using your energy!

Don’t believe me?  Just think about it…

  • They have more energy than could be contained in such a little body.
  • The closer you are to them when they are active, the more tired and drained you feel.
  • The crazier and wilder they are, the more tired and drained you feel.
  • More children acting wildly will make you feel tired faster.
  • But, when they go to sleep, you can feel your energy return.
  • When they even settle down, your energy begins to come back.

I think that pretty well proves it.


Family Togetherness in the Modern Age

Serious family chat over Google chat

Our family is spread all over the country: Utah, Minnesota, Ohio, and Virginia. But, we can still get together virtually. Google chat is what we use. Silliness abounds. These are some clips from the last chat. Everyone trying to make each other laugh and out-do the others in silliness.

Ringing Bells for Kettle Drive

Cragun Family ringing Bells for Salvation Army Kettle Drive

Cragun Family ringing Bells for Salvation Army Kettle Drive

One of our family’s Christmas traditions is to go ring bells for the Salvation Army’s annual Kettle Drive. Salvation Army does a good work, and it’s easy to support their effort.

Of course, we try to have a little fun with it. We perform a little Christmas music using sawn pipes struck with kitchen utensils — sort a poor man’s bell choir. It’s a challenge, and a little disjointed, but you can usually recognize the tune. This year, the table knives were accidentally left at home, so we made do with car repair tools. (See the screwdrivers and pliers?)

In the photo left to right: Amoray & Nathan, Christian, Leanne, Eric, Catherine. (I’m taking the picture.) Each year Eric dons his Elf costume, which usually gets some smiles.

Bow Tie Mania

Each cragun man wearing a bow tie.

Each cragun man wearing a bow tie.

How’s this for peer pressure? Each the boys decided they would wear a bow tie for Christmas church. “C’mon Dad! You can wear one, too!” I’d never worn one before. But I agreed. Nathan said, It’s easy! Really? It took 45 minutes following instructions and several attempts for me to learn to tie it right.

The funny part is, at church, there was a teenager who had been given a bow tie from a girl for Christmas, and as I walked by, the mother said, Brother Cragun knows how, go ask him! I’d practiced enough I was able to tie his bow tie.

Post script: 8 Jan 2011. I wore the bow tie again today. This time I tied it in 3 minutes. So I think I’ve got a new life skill.

Proud Parents

Nathan and Christian Graduate from BYU

Congratulations to Nathan and Christian who graduated this week from Brigham Young University. Nathan with a Masters in Accounting; Christian with a Bachelor’s in Theater Education.

Christmas season officially started…

Brian Leanne Matt Nicole in a sleigh

(Fake) Sleigh ride for Brian, Leanne, Matt and Nicole

The Christmas season officially started after a little “Black Friday” shopping. We played Christmas music and went out to a local tree farm to keep the family tradition of cutting our own tree. (That sleigh is not moving. No horse even hooked up.)
Matt and Nicole pose next to the tree.

Matt and Nicole pose next to the tree that will soon be coming home.

The tree is wrapped in webbing for travel home.

The tree is wrapped in webbing for travel home.

Thanksgiving Feast

Feast of foods at Cragun's Thanksgiving

Feast of foods at Cragun's Thanksgiving

We had a nice Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. Nicole and Leanne baked pies on Wednesday, then cooked all morning, Thursday. Matt did the turkey in brine. I… er um… advised. Friends Tyler, Sonnie, Ashton, and their new infant came along with grandmother Donna Lee. It was a great feast. The pies includes german chocolate, lemon in a meringue crust, and a heavenly pumpkin.
Pies and desserts at Craguns' Thanksgiving

Pies and desserts at Craguns' Thanksgiving