Ripples of Forgiveness

I watched a video of the powerful true story of Chris Williams, who forgave the young drunk driver that killed his wife and two of his children.  Soon afterward, he decided he needed to forgive and let it go.  Chris then visited the young man, still in prison, and talked with him and encouraged him to also let it go.  It’s an amazing story of forgiveness.  It shows how one’s life can be more free and unburdened by letting go of anger and disappointment.  It shows how forgiving someone allows them to also move on with their life and forgive themselves.

What opened my eyes was how the forgiveness rippled through the friends and family on both sides of the equation.  It helped them find peace as well.  Neighbors. The parents of the young man. (see 05:30 in the video) The bishop (pastor) of the congregation. One also assumes Chris Williams’ children, and their future children.  The future children of the young man.  A single act of forgiveness can indeed heal a community.


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