Meeting Senators and a Quote in the Paper

Brian meets Minnesota Senator Al Franken

Brian meets Minnesota Senator Al Franken

IBM invited two Senators who had helped patent reform legislation to visit the site for a Celebration of Innovation and small media event. I was invited to participate because I am considered a Master Inventor, due to many patents made while working for IBM.

It was very enjoyable to meet Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. The photo above is small talk with Senator Franken as we met and he found my picture on his list of participants.

I and the other inventors and technical leaders met with the senators in a “roundtable” where we each explained our current innovations.

The news media was there, and so were a few seconds of fleeting fame. Video from KIMT 3 shows me 1:01, 0:25 and 0:09. There were also videos on KAAL (2:27 and 1:30) and Rochester Post Bulletin at 1:28.

I was also cited in the Post Bulletin,

“You’ll end up more confident when you come out the back end of the process with a patent that you have something good,” said Brian Cragun, a master inventor for IBM.

Ah yes. Fleeting fame.


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