Family Outing to Twins Game!

Craguns at Target Field

Craguns at Target Field. Brian, Christian, Catherine, Leanne, Nathan, Amoray, and Eric.

Most of the kids were home over school break for a reception for Nathan and Amoray, who were married June 18. Eric, Christian and Leanne are big fans of the Minnesota Twins. Eric found tickets to the game with the Yankees on Saturday, and we went for our first family Twins game to Target Field. It’s been years since we’ve been to a Twins game, and that was at the old Metrodome. I’d heard the new ballpark was fantastic, but a visit made me a believer. It feels close up and personal, even in the third tier seats we had behind center field. The field feels very open. Wherever you go, the game is in view. In the old Metrodome, you missed a lot of action when you went for concessions. Now, you can watch the action from stand up tables as you eat your concessions. I was surprised how pleasant it was to be in the open air seats. Of course, it was a beautiful summer evening with perfect temps in the mid 60’s.

The game was fun. We had expected a loss, but the Twins beat the Yankees 9 to 3. There was much jubliation. Afterward, we walked around the field and took some photos. I guess we’ll have to go again, sometime.


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