The future is now

Knee replacement
A commercial on TV tonight featured tennis legend Billie Jean King advertising knee replacements for the Smith & Nephew’s LEGION brand.

How amazing! Who would have thought 30 years ago that we’d be hearing ads for knee brands similar to ads for automobiles or windows and siding? Not just technology, but biotechnology essentially over the counter. Amazing times we live in, when you can have cochlear implants, hip replacements, and retinal implants.

What ads we will experience on our media delivery 30 years from now? Better-than-life bionic enhancements? Direct network connections to the brain? Wireless to your head?

In truth, it may be all of those which seem to have roots in research. But the reality is it may be something totally beyond our experience today.


One response to “The future is now

  1. Chatelanat Jean-Louis

    Je ne sais que le français et ne veux rien signer de se que je n’ai pas pris connaissanse.
    Jean-Louis Chatelanat

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