Art for the Aging (complete)

Assisi Heights

Assisi Heights from the southwest.

Here is the completed painting of Assisi Heights, a commissioned work for a retirement home.    Residents of the home struggle with memory and don’t see as well.   So the request was for something immediately recognizable and painted with high contrasts — bright lights and dark darks.   The colors needed to match the common memory:  blue skies, puffy clouds, green grass and trees.   That may sound strange, but when you paint you discover the sky is often not really blue, and foliage is not always green.  So, the point was, don’t get too artsy on this one.

I previously mentioned underpainting.   Here is a closeup of the trees in the lower left.  Notice the small spots of red underpainting where the paint has not completely covered.   That color registers with the eye and the brain interprets as warmth and unity.

Closeup of trees

Closeup of trees from Assisi Heights to show underpainting.


One response to “Art for the Aging (complete)

  1. It turned out beautifully!

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