Art for the Aging (Part III)

Assisi Heights work in progress - stage 5

Stage 5 of the Assisi Heights work in progress, here showing grass and a red underpainting for trees.

Step 5 of the Assisi Heights painting.   Now features green, and fall-like red / orange underpainting on the trees.  You may ask why the funky colors for underpainting?  Why paint something you’re going to paint over, anyway.

Unless you fill every spot of canvas with paint, some of the canvas is bound to peek through.   The eye and brain know these colors are there, even though they aren’t consciously aware of them.  Picking warm colors for underpainting tells the brain it is a warm day.   A consistency in underpainting also gives a unity to the painting.   I’ll post a closeup of the underpainting peeking through when the painting is done.


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