Art show in cyberspace

The "Eden" exhibition in IBM's private virtual world

The "Eden" exhibition in IBM's private virtual world. You can see three of my pieces on the left. The gardens and cathedral in the distance have over 60 of my pieces displayed.

I recently attended the opening event of a new art exhibition that has over 60 piece of my artwork in it. But you can’t get to the cathedral and gardens where they are displayed by car or plane. The exhibition is in cyberspace.
Paintings on display in the virtual cathedral

A view in the virtual cathedral. Two of my pieces are on the right. The lower one is of a temple. I was happy religious content was allowed.

Two months ago I was approached by Sagar Chandola, who is the Guildmaster of the primary virtual worlds that IBM hosts, to participate in a cyberspace exhibition. This is a private version of SecondLife, the well known virtual world. I was excited to put them on display.

Sagar and his team of volunteers built a cathedral and spacious gardens complete with fountains, canals, and creatures in the waters (sharks and squids). They then placed the art in large displays that would make any gallery envious.

More images shown in the virtual cathedral.

You can easily get to the art on the second level by flying up to it. That's my avatar hovering in the air while looking at paintings.

Interactions in a cyber world can be a mixed bag. Sometimes they feel immersive, other times they just get in the way. I was surprised how enjoyable it was to look at art in a virtual gallery. Of course, nothing is like seeing real art in person — the pigments of real paint and the textures are so vibrant in real life. Yet, the virtual gallery offers an ability to see paintings in context, to move about, and to look closely and at a distance.
It felt quite natural.

The arrangement of art in a virtual gallery can be vertical as well as horizontal. In a virtual world, you can fly and move up and around to see paintings.

I’d invite you to come, but unfortunately this cyber exhibition is only open so far to IBM. A few photos will have to suffice.

A view of the gardens.

The gardens are extensive with dozens of large paintings on display. Those are mostly my paintings. I'm the avatar on the left. Other IBMers are attending this open house.


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