Christmas bursting out all over!

Christmas tree is up

Christmas tree is up!

Christmas has exploded into every corner of the house! The Christmas decorations have been pulled out of the boxes. The elves are are on the lights. The poinsettias are out. The tree is up and decorated. Leanne has done most of this. She loves Christmas decorations.

Elves hanging from the lamps.

Elves hanging from the lamps.

I can only claim credit for finding and bringing home the tree. Leanne has been fighting a cold, so I stopped at the tree lots. The dropping temperatures (and forgetting my gloves) made me less picky, so I took the first one that looked good in my price range. Good thing too. My fingers got so numb tying the tree to the top of the car that I couldn’t feel the twine to pull it through. No frostbite, though.

Turned out to be a pretty one. A little less gargantuan than the last few years. I could get this one on the car myself.

The elves have made an appearance every year at our house (in one form or another) since our first Christmas 30 years ago.   Elves “Nisser” are a big tradition in Denmark, where I served on a church mission in 1978-1979.    I brought home cut-out elves that were put up every year until the cardboard gave out.

Poinsettias on the cupboard.

Poinsettias on the cupboard.


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