Virgin’s Broadband2Go affordable mobile service

Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile)

Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go Prepaid USB Modem (Virgin Mobile)

I’ve been using Virgin Mobile’s Broadband2Go device Ovation MC760 with very satisfying results.

We often travel long distances by car. I’ve always thought I could use that time effectively if I only had Internet access. I’ve looked previously at Sprint’s 3G modem and MiFi, but you must sign a long term 2-year contract. We only need this when we travel.

Virgin offers broadband service by the month, $40 gives you unlimited broadband for 30 days from the time you pay. Purchase a month and that’s usually enough for the return trip, too.

I’ve been very pleased. Virgin has pretty good coverage along most highway stretches (except some areas is Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.) Interestingly, they use the Sprint backbone, so they have coverage everywhere Sprint does. In a recent trip across Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, I saw one or two bars virtually all the time. showed latency of 270 ms, downloads appx 1 Mbs and uploads appx .5 Mbs very consistently. Plenty of bandwidth to do mail, Sametime, and even VOIP.

Virgin got some bad press several months ago when they offered the service. There were many complaints of terrible speeds. Others said the problems were resolved. That is my experience, too. I’m pretty happy with it.


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