Keeping the Grinch at bay

Lights up on the Cragun house

Lights up at the Cragun house.

Christmas is a favorite time of year. I love the purpose and meaning of the season — the birth of Christ. I love the way Christmas brings out the best in people. I love the gathering of family, the renewal of tradition, and the giving of gifts.

Yet there are things I really don’t look forward to… most of them have to do with lights. Those pesky lights! Pretty when they work, but they never seem to work correctly. The tree prickles and pokes as they are put on.

Of all the things about lights, my nemesis is the lights on the roof. Pulling out the tall ladder, (oomph!), crawling up on the roof, shimmying out to the edge (eek! what a distance down!), broken connectors, fingers going numb from the cold (gloves won’t work for this), up the ladder, down the ladder, runny nose… “Maybe we shouldn’t put up lights this year,” I hear my inner Grinch say.

But my good wife reminds me how be-a-utiful they look, and how much it means to be part of the neighborhood, and she then uses puppy dog eyes … and the Grinch is tamed for one more year.


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